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​Alfa Pizza – Ciao Pizza Oven Medium €1540.65 Excl. VAT

€1 895.00
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Product Details
Brand: Alfa

Alfa Pizza – Ciao Pizza Oven Medium Yellow / Grey €1895 Minutes to heat up: 15

No. of pizzas at a time: two

Number of pizzas in 15 minutes: 6

Bread baking (Kg): 2

Average consumption (Kg/h): 2,5

Floor area (mq): 0,28

Cooking floor (cm): 70×40

Flue (cm): ∅ 15,0

Width (cm): 118,0 Depth (cm): 83,0

Total height (cm): 181,0

Weight (kg): 90,0

Mouth width (cm): 49,0

Mouth height (cm): 18,5

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